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Read here a brief summary about web-editors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The web editor distinguishes himself from 'normal' editors because he focuses specifically on the content of a website. The content and layout of a website is very different from that of newspapers or magazines, for example, and therefore the web editor has different tasks. For a web editor, the most important task is often not even writing the articles themselves, but for example editing the articles or maintaining the website. In addition to a passion for the internet, the web editor must also have an affinity with multimedia. Some graphical insight is required to make the website look as good as possible. He provides the right headlines, appropriate photos and a good layout.

The web editor has extensive knowledge of the web, content management systems and online writing. In addition, he must of course also have an affinity with the company or organization he works for. Depending on the sector in which the web editor works, the tasks and the type of text the web editor deals with differ. In short, the web editor is ultimately responsible for the appearance and content of the website and conveys the message of the organization or company as well as possible on the web.

The web editor can produce various types of web content, such as (news) articles, as well as reports, informational texts, promotional texts, reviews and surveys. In addition, the web editor often has many planned tasks. He ensures a consistent tone and style on the site and monitors layout and production processes. For example, the web editor designs language and style guides and, in the case of a commercial site, coordinates the marketing strategy with any marketing team.

Other common planned tasks are devising an integrated content strategy, keeping visitor statistics and researching the internet behavior of the public. He asks questions such as: how do I get as many people as possible to my website and convey my content as well as possible? It's important for the web editor that he keeps up with the latest trends in the field of the internet (and social media) and that he's able to continuously renew the website and keep it up-to-date.

The web editor therefore has tasks that an ordinary editor has, but also tasks of a more technical nature. The function is very versatile; the web editor is a true centipede. The web editor selects and edits messages, provides additional information, takes care of the publication and ensures that the content can be found through search engines. The web editor also archives old documents and ensures that the links remain active. In some cases, the web editor acts as a supervisor : for example, he sees to it that a forum is used in the correct way.

What are the Prospects for Web Editors Career?

As the importance of the internet and the web itself continues to grow, the profession of web editor is becoming more common. More and more companies attach increasing importance to having a good website and use web editors for this. Since it's also a very popular profession, it's not easy to get started as a web editor. However, with the right background in a related position, there are certainly many opportunities. An important fact here is that the trends on the internet follow each other quickly and the required knowledge of certain software, for example, is constantly changing. That is why it's very important to keep up to date with the latest developments and systems. For the time being, the labor market prospects are good as a web editor.

There're also career opportunities. However, these aren't directly in line with this profession within the same company, but as the web editor specializes, he can earn more and progress to a specialization position. There's a lot of employment at the interface of communication and ICT. There're also many opportunities for own initiatives and ideas.

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