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Read here a brief summary about waiters career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A waiter is someone who serves food (dishes and meals) and / or drinks in a restaurant, café, croissanterie or other eatery.

The waiter is responsible for taking orders from customers, delivering this order to the chefs in the restaurant or at the bar and then bringing the dishes or drinks to the relevant customer at the relevant table. In addition, the waiter (depending on the type of restaurant or company in which he works) can also perform other activities (including preparing smaller meals or the garnish in a restaurant or preparing and tidying the tables) and he can also be responsible for cleaning the tables and chairs when the company he works in is closing.

The waiter is representative, is social and patient towards the customers and is handy and experienced in carrying several plates or glasses. The waiter is part of the business card of the company in which he works; a customer will come back more often or be positive if he has been treated nicely and patiently by the waiter. A waiter must be able to work stress-resistant and flexible in order to be able to perform his work properly on busy afternoons or evenings as well as quiet afternoons or evenings.

What are the Prospects for Waiters Career?

The labor market prospects for a waiter are great. There's a lot of employment because many restaurants, cafes and other eateries are regularly looking for new waiters.

In addition, there're also career opportunities for a career within the hospitality industry; In this way, the waiter can be given more responsibilities, be in charge of new waiters or the team within the company or be retrained to another profession within the hospitality industry and the company in which he works.

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