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Read here a brief summary about veterinarians career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Veterinarian is concerned with the health and welfare of animals. Both preventing animals from getting sick and making animals better are part of this.

As a Veterinarian you can have a practice alone or you share a practice with other Vets. More than half of all veterinarians in the Netherlands work from a practice.

There are practices for companion animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, etc.), horses and farm animals (cows, pigs, poultry). In a companion animal or horse practice you mainly deal with individual animals. In a farm animal practice you usually have to deal with groups of animals.

In a practice you work together with one or more veterinary assistants who, among other things, do agenda management.

People take a seat in your waiting room when they come for a check-up with their animal or for vaccinations, but also if the pet has something wrong. As a veterinarian you work a lot with sick or injured animals. In such cases it's up to the vet to make a diagnosis. It may be necessary, for example, to perform tests in the practice laboratory or to take X-rays, for example.

When the diagnosis is clear, the vet will make a choice for a certain treatment and, for example, prescribe medication or, if necessary, operate. In the latter case, the vet will also perform the operation himself in collaboration with the assistants.

In addition to checking and treating pets, the work of the Veterinarian also has an administrative component, including the maintenance of patient files. Finally, Veterinarians have the task of educating people about the care of their pets.

What are the Prospects for Veterinarians Career?

There's less demand for new practices today. The number of places there has decreased because the market is almost saturated. However, replacement veterinarians are still being requested by the existing practices. And there are still quite a few vacancies to be found there. This is also because it's a fairly stressful profession that also has a fair amount of turnover.

It's possible to continue studying and become a Veterinary Specialist, possibly immediately after studying Veterinary Medicine. However, this is not done very much. Another possibility is to start your own practice as a veterinarian and therefore also to have management as a task. However, as mentioned, the market is now almost saturated. Further career opportunities are limited, because there are not many employers and there are separate positions for each specialization. Moving on is therefore not really possible without further training.

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