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Read here a brief summary about university-lecturers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A University Lecturer (Professor) is employed by a University and carries out activities in the field of education and research. In addition to educational development (for example teaching materials) and teaching, the assessment of student work and the evaluation of educational components are also part of his duties.

In the field of research, he's active in acquiring research assignments, conducting and coordinating scientific research and publishing findings in scientific journals. He supervises students and, in the role of co-supervisor, PhD students.

Depending on the faculty (medicine, health sciences) to which he's affiliated, the Assistant Professor may also have tasks in patient care or the management of laboratories. Furthermore, he's expected to participate in social discussions about his field and to sit on and / or lead committees or working groups related to his field of expertise. A University Lecturer therefore has many different tasks, from compiling exams and thesis supervision to giving lectures and acquiring subsidies.

The position exists on two levels, whereby mainly the input of the Assistant Professor differs. Assistant Professor 2 only conducts research that has already been approved, works with teaching material that has already been developed and only sits on committees, while Assistant Professor 1 leads such committees, develops teaching material, carries out independent scientific research and also manages research-performing academic staff.

What are the Prospects for University Lecturers Career?

The number of vacancies for academic positions at Universities is increasing proportionally.

An Assistant Professor can grow within his position and be given more tasks. It's possible to grow to Associate Professor and possibly Professor.

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