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Read here a brief summary about travel-agency-managers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


Before becoming a Travel Agency Manager, you often first work as a travel advisor. This means that, just like other travel advisors, you initially sell scheduled service tickets, trips, trips, travel insurance and cancellation insurance. You make bookings and organize the holidays of customers.

Once you know the industry a little, you can start as a (future) Travel Agency Manager. This means that you will take on the more of the guiding and organizing tasks of the travel agency. The travel advisors are accountable to you and you're again accountable to the regional manager.

As a Travel Agency Manager you therefore manage your department, but you also put together and sell trips. You orient yourself on the possible destinations and come up with new travel options. You have more freedom in this within a smaller organization than within a large travel organization in which a lot is decided from a head office. Depending on the employer, the purchase of airplane seats, hotel beds and any excursions are also part of your duties.

What are the Prospects for Travel Agency Managers Career?

Every travel agency needs a Travel Agency Manager. This can be when new offices are started up or when transfer takes place within the organization. Most graduates in the field of travel agency management find a job quite quickly, but often that is also a position below educational level.

Often you do not start immediately as a Travel Agency Manager, but you start in the position of travel advisor. After you're well acquainted with the organization and the industry, you will grow into the position of Travel Agency Manager. After that you can also grow within a larger organization to the position of regional manager and possibly higher management positions. Depending on your wishes, interests and knowledge, you can also work as a sales manager or marketing manager.

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