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Read here a brief summary about transport-planners career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Transport Planner arranges the transport of goods for a company or within a transport company. These goods are moved by road or water, which means that the Transport Planner must have very good knowledge of the (inter) national infrastructure. The Transport Planner sets out an (economically) most favorable route for the drivers and shippers and adjusts it if necessary during transport. This can be a stressful activity as it's not clear in advance how the transport will proceed and what the local conditions will be like. While the Transport Planner is sometimes present when loading goods, he mainly works from the office to carry out his tasks with the help of a computer.

When loading goods, the Transport Planner is responsible for the classification of the goods in the means of transport. He ensures that this is done as efficiently as possible. The space must be used optimally and the goods must be loaded in the correct order. The Transport Planner ensures that the pilot personnel are aware of the desired layout and destination of the goods, so that they arrive at the correct destination on time. The Transport Planner is a real team player and can communicate well with people in different functions and situations.

The Transport Planner is aware of all rules and guidelines associated with different types of goods. Refrigerated transport of goods or transport of hazardous substances and special objects are properly organized by the Transport Planner. For this he's in contact with legal authorities to obtain the correct papers or even with the police to arrange transport guidance. During and after the transport, the Transport Planner maintains contact with the senior responsible for the planning and with the clients. He also keeps the documentation of the transport. In this way, he's the logistics intermediary between transport and final destination.

Tasks Transport planner:

- Making agreements with the client
- Ride planning
- Internal communication about trip planning
- Guidance during the ride
- Handling of documentation after the ride.

What are the Prospects for Transport Planners Career?

With the continuously growing international trade and globalization, there's an increasing demand for international Transport Planners. The career opportunities are great within the profession ; this because of the many courses and opportunities for further training. Experience is very important in this profession and opens doors to new opportunities. Now that the international market is opening up more and more, there's a golden opportunity for Transport Planners to develop internationally and thus perform a varied job and even receive a higher salary.

Moreover, a Transport Planner with great responsibility can eventually end up in a more demanding managerial position.

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