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Read here a brief summary about training-advisors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The training advisor helps employees of a company or company to develop within their field.

The training advisor is hired by employers within companies, organizations and companies. The training advisor is instructed to see how they can help the employees of that company with development. He ensures that employees continue to develop their knowledge of the profession in which they work and that they can grow within their role in the company, the organization or the company.

The training advisor can assume three roles: the role of trainer / coach, developer or advisor human resource management. The training advisor who takes on the role of trainer / coach gives the employee assignments and training (for example communication skills), guides and trains the employees (and possibly managers) of the company and advises the employees when they have a question in the area of ​​possible have education, workshops, training or courses.

The training advisor who takes on the role of developer writes policy plans with regard to the training courses. He also develops training courses, teaching materials and conducts research into the need or necessity of training. The training advisor who assumes the role of human resource management advisor provides learning policy within the company / organization, buys training from external companies, organizes the training programs and supports employees through personal development plans and career development. The training advisor examines all questions from employees and looks at how he can best answer them.

The profession of training advisor is a responsible profession. The training advisor helps employees within a company to develop and is responsible for providing good training. For this it's important that the training advisor can give good presentations and work responsibly and flexibly.

What are the Prospects for Training Advisors Career?

The labor market perspective is average. There's ample employment, both in training / consultancies and in the business world. The training advisor can continue to grow by setting up a training agency himself (and thus setting up his own company).

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