Career Overview For Trade Marketer


Read here a brief summary about trade-marketers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Trade Marketer is jointly responsible for developing and implementing marketing policy. The purpose of this is to achieve optimal sales of concepts and products and thus create added value. This involves collaboration with the Sales and Product Management department and this knowledge is jointly disseminated. Furthermore, the Trade Marketer collects and analyzes data about consumers and the market and then maps out developments in this regard (eg consumer buying behavior and what demand exists). The risks and opportunities in the market are determined on the basis of these developments.

The tasks of the Trade Marketer are to draw up a communication and marketing plan, develop marketing campaigns, trade communication, maintain contact with media and advertising agencies, compile and provide promotional material, achieve maximum input in commercial policy, providing insight into opportunities and finally optimizing the position of the client.

In addition, a Trade Marketer must be able to convince customers with valid arguments, dare to ask critical questions and be creative in providing solicited and unsolicited advice.

What are the Prospects for Trade Marketers Career?

There's an average labor market perspective. There're generally many job openings for Trade Marketers, but since it's not a job with very high demands, there will be more supply than demand. However, there are sufficient career opportunities and ambition is stimulated. It's a dynamic market that encourages continued growth.

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