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Read here a brief summary about tour-guides career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As the name suggests, the Tour Guide accompanies people who are on vacation. The work of the Tour Guide often seems like a dream. Beautiful destinations, seeing the world and a lot of free time. Nevertheless, the Travel Guide's work involves a lot of work and the Travel Guide has a lot of responsibility. The most important responsibility of the Tour Guide is that the Tour Guide must ensure that the customer has a beautiful and carefree holiday.

The tasks of the Tour Guide are very diverse. The Tour Guide ensures that the trip runs according to the program, is responsible for transport to and from the airport, accompanies the travelers during other trips and is responsible for guiding the travelers during excursions and activities. The Travel Guide also arranges everything with, for example, the driver, guide and local agents, the Travel Guide checks the travelers in and out at the accommodations and the Travel Guide helps travelers in case of calamities and problems. The Tour Guide must be available to the traveler 24 hours a day.

A great sense of responsibility, good people knowledge and flexibility are therefore important characteristics of the Travel Guide. The Tour Guide must keep travelers happy, accompany them during all aspects of the journey and be ready for them. The Tour Guide ensures that the traveler has a carefree holiday and that the wishes and needs of the traveler are met. The Tour Guide must also have a good knowledge of the travel destination and know what to say about the destination and during the excursions and activities.

What are the Prospects for Tour Guides Career?

There's sufficient demand for suitable Tour Guide, but often the work of the Travel Guide isn't full-time.

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