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Read here a brief summary about testers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


There are different levels at which the profession of Tester is practiced.

Some Testers are paid to use a product as it's intended, keeping an eye on a number of points that the product developer would like to see reflected in use. These types of functions can also be found outside of IT, for a variety of products. The goal is always to find out whether the product is functioning properly and to remove any errors found. Here the focus is on user-friendliness. Food products or drinks can also be tested for everything, from taste and spreadability to the ratio between different ingredients and the color of a product.

A Tester at a higher level can be found in the IT sector. There the focus is more on the functioning of programs than on the end user and ease of use. In these functions, one is usually involved in a project from the first moment and follows the development of the software and its purposes. When the software is ready for testing, the Tester creates its own test program and uses it to expose all weak spots in the software and report it to the software developer.

Because he has to program the testware himself, this Tester must have much more knowledge than one who performs tests at user level. These types of Testers are therefore much more often needed and much more sought after.

What are the Prospects for Testers Career?

Testers have a good chance of finding a job, as they are very popular in the IT sector. It's also possible to grow into a test analyst, test manager or possibly higher management positions.

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