Career Overview For Territory Manager


Read here a brief summary about territory-managers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Territory Manager is the link between the company and the customer. He's ultimately responsible for the organization, finances and administration within his territory. He directs employees, is involved in relationship management and strives to achieve the company's objectives.

The Territory Manager is responsible for a pleasant working environment. If necessary, he implements improvements. The Territory Manager also ensures that employees within his district are aware of all developments and products. So he keeps a close eye on developments in the market. The employees report their activities to the Territory Manager.

A Territory Manager also supervises the finances and takes measures if the figures are disappointing. He's responsible for the turnover at clients. He must therefore ensure high customer satisfaction and ensure that customers commit to the company.

Another task of a Territory Manager is to think about promotional activities. He then works closely with the company's Sales Manager. The Territory Manager also draws up an annual plan for the district policy, based on the organizational policy. The Territory Manager also has an exemplary function. He has an important role in promoting the company's core values.

What are the Prospects for Territory Managers Career?

The labor market prospects of a Territory Manager are average. Territory managers generally find a job fairly quickly.

A Territory Manager can take on more responsibilities after years of experience. For example, his area can be expanded or he can be transferred to a larger area.

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