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Read here a brief summary about teachers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Teacher transfers knowledge and / or skills to pupils or students. Teachers can transfer a wide range of basic skills to a class, for example in primary education. They can also specialize in a particular subject and teach various classes in it in secondary schools or transfer specific skills to (individual) students, such as cooking or drumming.

You'll also find teachers specialized in a particular field in secondary and higher vocational education and at universities. At university level, lessons (lectures) are almost always very theoretica. In addition to his specialty, the type of institution is therefore very decisive for the position of a Teacher, as well as the type of pupil or student. These differ not only in age, but also in number and background. Sometimes they will need special attention and / or special lessons. Giving history in sign language is, after all, very different from reading with dyslexics.

Teachers not only work in schools, but can also be self-employed (music lessons, homework guidance) or work for a commercial organization that offers courses. Here too, the skills can be both theoretical (introduction to art history) and practical (ceramics) in nature and know different target groups.

Often times, the work of Teachers doesn't stop at the transfer of knowledge. For example, in primary and secondary schools, they ideally monitor the general development and well-being of students. They can act as a confidant and advise, they are coach and motivator and act as educator and correct. In this way they create optimal conditions and the ideal environment for knowledge transfer.

What are the Prospects for Teachers Career?

The labor market perspective differs per education sector. In primary education, the teacher shortage has increased in recent years. It's now declining slightly, but still exists. There are opportunities for growth towards executive positions. Extra work as remedial teacher or internal counselor requires extra education. In secondary education, the number of vacancies for teachers is declining, because vacancies are filled faster. However, there are also opportunities for advancement to managerial positions here.

In higher and university education, the labor market perspective depends on specialism. The number of academic positions (including Assistant Professor and Professor ) is increasing proportionally. There are positions as a teacher at universities at various levels from where progression is possible to higher-level teaching and coordinating positions.

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