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Read here a brief summary about teacher-assistants career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Teacher Assistant is part of a team or subject section at a secondary school. Within this team, he supports one or more teachers in teaching, guiding students and carrying out administrative tasks. During class hours, he can supervise small groups of students, he supervises tests and assists with the preparation of the necessary equipment. He performs various administrative activities with regard to test results, the request for library material and he can be deployed to do proofreading work.

In primary education, Teaching Assistants (regular primary education) and Class Assistants (mainly special primary education) are employed who have a similar range of tasks. The content of the position depends on educational level and the supervising teacher. MBO students from educational programs are deployed as Teaching Assistant and later teacher in training, in order to gain the necessary educational experience that makes it possible to progress to a teacher training program.

Teacher assistants are also active in adult education. For example to support lessons for non-native speakers. This function differs somewhat from that of Teacher Assistant in secondary education, since the Teacher Assistant has more responsibilities, carries out more teaching activities and must also have completed a higher vocational education.

The terms Teaching Assistant, Teaching Assistant and Class Assistant are used interchangeably. In the Collective Labor Agreement for Secondary Education, the term Teacher Assistant is used for people with a range of duties as described in the first paragraph.

What are the Prospects for Teacher Assistants Career?

There's work in education, although the number of vacancies for teaching staff and teaching support staff in secondary education is declining. Growth opportunities depend on the background of the Teacher Assistant. When the position is a stepping stone to a teacher in training and then a higher vocational education teacher training, the career opportunities are excellent. This is a possibility for every MBO student with an educational direction.

Without further training there's no growth opportunity.

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