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Read here a brief summary about surgical-assistants career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Surgical Assistant assists a physician or surgeon in performing an operation. During an operation, the Assistant works in a team of anesthetists, nurse anesthetists and one or more surgeons or doctors. The latter act as coordinator and indicate what needs to be done. A Surgical Assistant meets patients of all ages. It depends on the department where the Assistant works which illnesses and conditions he has to deal with.

The tasks that an Operating Assistant must fulfill depend on the precise function he has during the operation; instrument, run around and assist. Instrumentation means that the Assistant prepares the standard equipment and instruments for use and indicates the correct instruments and materials to the operating doctor. Bypass means that the assistant indicates additional material to the sterile team. Assist means that the Assistant assists the operating physician with the surgery, which includes presenting tissues and assisting suturing.

It's the responsibility of all Surgical Assistants to arrange surgery preparation, reassure patients if necessary, and to carefully monitor the sterility of both the patient and the instruments.

A Surgical Assistant must be able to work attentively and accurately and respond immediately if complications arise. A Surgical Assistant must also be stress resistant and have good stamina as some operations can take hours.

A Surgical Assistant has irregular working hours and may have to work evening, night and weekend shifts.

What are the Prospects for Surgical Assistants Career?

At the moment there's a shortage of Operating Assistants and there's a fairly large labor market

You can specialize further in a specific field, for example in surgery, orthopedics or ophthalmology. In addition, there's also the possibility to take on additional tasks, for example management tasks or you can become a team leader or practical trainer.

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