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Read here a brief summary about surgeons career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Surgeon is a medical specialist who treats patients of all ages by performing operations. The Surgeon has to deal with all kinds of acute or chronic conditions; fractures, tumors, blocked veins or infections. The operations a Surgeon performs can be simple procedures (such as removing a mole) or complicated operations (removal of the appendix, repair of inguinal hernia and emergency operations) that can sometimes take hours. It depends on the specialization with which patients a Surgeon comes into contact. There're several main streams within surgery (Vascular surgery, Oncological surgery (cancer), Gastrointestinal surgery, Traumatology and Pediatric surgery) and outside of a number of general operations, Surgeons mainly focus on one of these specialties.

The patients were referred through a GP or the emergency department. After a diagnosis follows the planning of an operation, possibly by the Surgeon himself. In addition to performing operations and prescribing medication, a Surgeon has other tasks, such as the pre- and follow-up check-up of patients, discussing the outcome of the examination and (the course of the) operation with the patient and professionals and keeping track of the administration.

A Surgeon has to deal with strict hygiene regulations and has a responsible position in which he must make well-considered decisions quickly and be able to respond quickly to unexpected developments (such as complications). He often works under great pressure.

A Surgeon mainly works in the OR (operating room) and the emergency room, but also performs tasks in the outpatient clinic. He has irregular working hours and also works evening and weekend shifts.

What are the Prospects for Surgeons Career?

The number of training places for surgeons is geared to the demand for new surgeons. That is why there's always work for a graduated Surgeon.

Growth opportunities include further specialization in, for example, plastic surgery or you can start teaching. In addition, there's also the possibility to take on additional tasks, for example management tasks, board tasks or even a management position. While most Surgeons are employed by a hospital, there's an option to open a private clinic.

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