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Read here a brief summary about supervisors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


"Supervisor" in the original sense of the word is a title that a person receives when he or she directs others and also has responsibility for the actions of others.

Sometimes a supervisor is a counselor, a coach, someone who guides students or employees in a particular process. 'Supervisor' in this sense doesn't have much to do with the English meaning, but the origin of the word does correspond to how the term is used in a general sense: for someone who is appointed to oversee something. For example, a supervisor may be concerned with how a particular department in a company functions over the long term. In this case, the supervisor will mainly be engaged in discussions and research.

Sometimes a supervisor is also just a team leader, someone who mainly delegates and keeps an eye on the processes and reports everything to his superiors. This can already be about warehouse work. In this case, the supervisor is mainly concerned with overseeing what needs to be done in a day and how this can be done the easiest: how the tasks should be divided over the day, and among the employees. He may also need to keep an eye on other things, for example whether there's still enough of a certain product in stock. The exact activities depend of course on the specific company. A supervisor can also be someone who manages a department of 100 people for a multinational company.

What are the Prospects for Supervisors Career?

The job market prospects for supervisors are currently quite good. Of course, higher (better paying) positions are a bit scarcer, but there're currently quite a few (not exceptionally many) vacancies to be found. Growth opportunities are almost always conceivable for the manager, because he or she almost always works in a medium-sized or large organization where a comparable, higher position is almost always conceivable.

The term 'supervisor' is too general to be able to say exactly what professions these could be.

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