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Read here a brief summary about store-managers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A store manager has the day-to-day management of a store branch. In the case of an independent store, this is the highest function, in the case of a retail chain, the store manager still has a regional and / or national (and / or possibly even international) board above him. His or her responsibilities consist of a number of things, including:

- Recruiting new employees and checking current employees.
- The financial health of the store and other financial tasks.
- The appearance of the store (including cleaning).
- The security of the store.
- Solving (small) problems that may arise.

The store manager doesn't necessarily carry out all activities himself, in many cases not even, but does bear the responsibility. In the case of smaller stores, the store manager is often closely involved in the daily routine.

In the case of an independent store, the store manager has complete freedom, less in the case of a chain. Store managers often have to meet certain requirements imposed from above. This could include a design in certain colors and materials, certain regulations for customer contact, discount promotions and the like. The extent of the freedom that the store manager will be given in this will vary greatly per retail chain. It will also often be the case that the store manager of a successful, profitable store has more freedom (and moresalary ) is then given to the manager of a poorly performing branch.

A store manager can make his or her store profitable through an attractive interior, a large assortment, many discount promotions, and so on. On the other hand, the store manager can limit expenses by ensuring that he or she doesn't over buy, cuts employees when not needed, and so on. Many factors can play a role in the good or bad running of a store affiliate, and it's up to the store manager to convert these factors into profit. Ultimately, his or her task is to keep the store running for as long as possible.

What are the Prospects for Store Managers Career?

Vacancies for store managers are easy to find at the moment. The labor market perspective is therefore fine.

There're fewer career opportunities. Store managers often have a regional and / or national and / or international board above them, but a growth opportunity is by no means always obvious, while a store manager is the highest position within a branch and therefore offers no growth opportunities at that level.

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