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Read here a brief summary about stage-directors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A stage director gives shape to a stage performance. The stage director writes a play himself, has one written or chooses an already written play and adapts it if necessary, so that it conveys exactly what the stage director wants. He then arranges for actors and ensures that they play their part as he envisions it. The Stage Director gives the actors directions and helps them. He also brings his visionover to the Set Builders, the Costume Makers, the Souffleurs, the Grimeurs and the Light and Sound Technicians. Sometimes a stage director also arranges people who come to film and edit the play. The Stage Director is therefore present at just about every step. He walks around the set making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone knows what to do. The Stage Director is responsible for all choices that are made.

Nowadays a stage director often works together with a theater producer, specially for large performances. The Stage Director sometimes also works together with a Dramaturge, who deals with the content of the play.

The stage director must always check whether the content of the plays suits his intended audience. For example, he takes the genre into account. Sometimes he will specialize in a certain genre, sometimes he will always choose a different genre. The Stage Director always does this in consultation with the Producer. A top director has a unique, recognizable style and his own perspective.

What are the Prospects for Stage Directors Career?

Without experience, it's very difficult for a stage director to find work. As he gets more experience, has built a large network and built a good reputation, he will be in demand for a lot sooner.

If you have built up a good reputation, the Stage Director can be assigned increasingly larger productions. Eventually he can start his own production company.

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