Career Overview For Sports Officer


Read here a brief summary about sports-officers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As a Sports Official you work at a sports facility. You're responsible for, among other things, the administration and management of the accommodations. Any renovations that are necessary are also worked out by the sports official. You do this in the service of a local or regional board.

Other duties of the Sports Officer are to implement sports policy and promote sports and sports animation. The financial part of the job package includes the processing of invoices, drawing up cash reports and, for example, preparing order forms.

The management tasks of the Sports Officer include drawing up the occupancy and timesheet, day-to-day management and carrying out minor repairs. But also for sudden problems, users of the accommodation turn to the Sports Official.

What are the Prospects for Sports Officers Career?

Many vacancies for the position of Sports Official can be found in Belgium or in the south of the country. So there are vacancies to be found, but there aren't many.

There're sometimes opportunities to follow courses and further training within the company that allow you to grow from the position of Sports Officer. You're already in a coordinating position, so growing very far isn't an option. However, a position in higher management could be an option.

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