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Read here a brief summary about sous-chefs career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Sous chef works in a kitchen and is the assistant to the chef. This could be a kitchen of, for example, a restaurant, hotel or conference center. The Sous Chef replaces the Chef in the absence. When the chef is present, the Sous chef and the chef jointly manage the other kitchen staff. In large kitchens where there are many staff, the Sous chef is mainly in charge of the workplace, while the chef carries out more organizational activities.

An important task of the Sous chef is therefore to manage the kitchen brigade. Together with the chef, the Sous-chef is responsible for the running of affairs in the kitchen and the continuation of the work. He monitors the quality of the work of the kitchen staff and its progress. He also supervises compliance with legal regulations in the field of safety and hygiene. To ensure that the products run smoothly, the Sous chef gives directions to other chefs where necessary.

In the absence of the chef, he's ultimately responsible for the quality of the dishes and for serving them on time. During the day, the Sous chef helps with the preparations for making the dishes, such as pre-cutting vegetables, and in the evening the Sous-chef helps with the preparation of the dishes. A Sous chef often keeps stock and does orders for new and fresh products. He also contributes to the menu by developing and adapting recipes.

Like the Chef, the Sous Chef is also concerned with the finances of the kitchen. For example, the Sous chef supplies figures and other information for budgets and investments to management.

What are the Prospects for Sous Chefs Career?

As a Sous chef, there's the opportunity to develop into a chef. Working as a Sous chef within a kitchen is often a way to gain experience with managerial positions in the kitchen and a stepping stone to the position of chef where one is entirely in charge of the kitchen. It's also possible to eventually grow into manager of the restaurant or company where one works. A sous chef can also eventually become an entrepreneur himself and set up a catering business.

The job market for Koks is generally good. The vacancy rate in the hospitality industry is higher than in other industries. Employment in the hotel and catering industry is gradually declining, however, compared to employment in this sector in previous years.

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