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Read here a brief summary about software-designers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The main task of the software designer is to set up a specific plan for a specific need. When a company needs a program that isn't available on the market and hires an IT company for it, the software designer must understand the details of the customer's needs and then develop a plan and methodology for this. . The software designer does not necessarily have a leading role in the software development process, but a very important one.

There're many different ways in which a program can come about. The technical details don't matter here, but they do for the software designer. He must know how a program can be made, and must determine for a project how a team can best work. Once the project has started, the software designer is still involved in the work, and can have all kinds of different tasks here. He or she can cooperate himself or herself, or have a leading or supporting position. In both cases, his or her share in the development of the program is significant.

Due to the temporary nature of their work, software designers are often hired on a project basis. This often means less chance of a permanent appointment, but often a higher hourly wage.

What are the Prospects for Software Designers Career?

The labor market perspective for this profession is currently fair to good.

However, many software designers have moved on from a job as a developer or a similar position. A software designer who comes from his own company has the advantage that he already (partly) knows the staff, knows the working methods and has knowledge of the objectives of the company, while a software designer from outside has to adapt much more. There're growth opportunities, but software designer is already a fairly highly regarded position. The exact functions that are available differ per company. If a software designer has made a name for himself and can sell himself well, he can only really grow if he hires himself (as a sole proprietorship) to companies at an hourly wage that is much higher than that of most ICT companies.

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