Career Overview For Shop Manager


Read here a brief summary about shop-managers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Shop Manager is responsible for his own shop within the telecom sector. Within this store, the Shop Manager can pursue his own policy. He's responsible for, among other things, sales, purchasing, marketing, administration and his staff. The Shop Manager is accountable to the Area Manager. The shop staff is managed by the Shop Manager, who also provides various training and courses.

The Shop Manager, together with the Assistant Manager and the other staff members, is the face of the store in question. The Shop Manager is the point of contact for both his staff and customers. He's aware of all developments and possible problems within the store and knows everything about the latest products and services. The position of Shop Manager can be compared to that of an independent entrepreneur. Important decisions have to be made, including the necessary risks.

In addition to knowledge of the products and services, it's important that the Shop Manager has knowledge of marketing, administration and purchasing and sales. Service and customer orientation are of paramount importance to the Shop Manager. His job is to enable growth for the store and the staff.

What are the Prospects for Shop Managers Career?

A Shop Manager knows the organization's formula; he's familiar with the products and services that are provided. There're a number of career opportunities.

The Shop Manager can progress to Area Manager. He can achieve this position through the courses and further training that are offered. In addition to the position of Area Manager, it's possible that the Shop Manager grows up to other management positions.

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