Career Overview For Service Technician


Read here a brief summary about service-technicians career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Service Technician is a technician who maintains and repairs equipment and machines. Think, for example, of hospital equipment, washing machines, central heating boilers and computer equipment.

The equipment and machines that the Service Technician can deal with are very diverse and the Service Technician often has a specific work area. Consider, for example, the Service Technician Heating Technology and the Service Technician Electrical Engineering.

For the maintenance and repair of the machines and equipment, the Service Technician usually works at the customer's location. This makes the Service Technician the face of the company. The customers often only deal with the service technician. In the event of problems or periodic maintenance, the Service technician will check the machines or devices and resolve any problems.

An important task of the Service Technician is to rectify faults. Machines and equipment can cause malfunctions and the help of the Service Technician is often called in to rectify this.

The Service Technician must then look for a solution to rectify the fault and to get the machine or appliance working again. The Service Technician often works independently and is therefore responsible for the qualitative and quantitative execution of the work to the satisfaction of the customer.

What are the Prospects for Service Technicians Career?

Many organizations and individuals have various equipment and machines. There's therefore plenty of work to be found as a Service Technician.

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