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The Service Desk Employee works at the service desk department. The service desk is a central department in an organization, usually an IT organization or facility organization. This department, for example, resolves computer failures and arranges the installation of applications and programs. The service desk department is comparable to a call center or a help desk. The difference with a help desk is that at a help desk only problems are reported and these are then solved by others in the organization. The service desk's services offer more and also provide immediate assistance with problems.

The Service Desk Employee ensures proper handling of all requests and incidents that arrive at the service desk department. The Service Desk Employee works in a team of Service Desk Employees. Together they're the source of information for all IT problems within the organization.

The Service Desk Employee is the first point of contact in the event of hardware and software failures and can carry out minor repairs to computers. If the Service Desk Employee can't resolve the malfunction themselves, the Service Desk Employee will switch it off to a colleague. The malfunctions must also be reported in the system. The Service Desk Employee also installs applications, control programs and software and arranges the relocation of computers and peripherals.

What are the Prospects for Service Desk Employees Career?

ICT is becoming increasingly important and plays a role in many organizations. Disruptions, problems and other facility services are therefore important. For this reason there's enough work to be found for a Service Desk Employee.

The Service Desk Employee can start as a trainee and subsequently progress to the position of Service Desk Employee. Within this position you can progress to a more managerial position, which means that the Service Desk Employee manages the team of Service Desk Employees and divides the tasks.

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