Career Overview For Servant


Read here a brief summary about servants career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Servant works in a catering company such as a restaurant, cafe, hotel or lunchroom. The main tasks of a Servant are informing the guests about the products and services of the catering company, taking and passing on orders, preparing and serving drinks, small dishes and / or snacks and drawing up the bill.

The Servant is also jointly responsible for taking care of the mise en place (such as setting the tables and replenishing drinks and materials). When the guests have paid and left, the waiter takes care of itmake sure the tables are clean and ready for new guests.

Sometimes counting the cash register content and closing the case is also part of the work. The Servant is generally headed by a First Employee, Assistant Manager, Floor Manager or Manager and works closely with other Servants, Bar and Kitchen employees.

What are the Prospects for Servants Career?

As a Servant, the labor market prospects are good. Speciallyin the summer period, many serving employees are asked. The work supply is therefore reasonably seasonal and the wages aren't very high. However, the salary is often supplemented with tips, which can sometimes add up nicely. Growing up to First Employee or Floor Manager is also often possible. Often the employee is expected to make extra effort, flexibility and willingness to take courses. Many serving employees start their career with a side job in the hospitality industry.

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