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Read here a brief summary about secretaries career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Secretary has a supporting role in an organization and facilitates the activities of a manager. This work can vary from arranging telephone calls or taking minutes during meetings to managing the boss' agenda.

Because every supervisor is different, every Secretary position will be different. For example, in one organization you have much more room to work independently and in another you'll have many more administrative tasks. A Secretary must always adapt to a new boss and find a new balance in the work. Secretaries often work for the same boss for a long time.

A Secretary is energetic and alert and knows how to quickly complete various jobs. Much of the work is carried out with the aid of a computer. This applies to agenda management, but also to (e-mail) correspondence and the processing of minutes. The Secretary also spends a lot of time on the phone to arrange the things the boss asks for. This work, as well as receiving guests, requires strong communication skills and a certain amount of assertiveness.

Every function is different. Some Secretaries will also be in charge of organizing meetings, coordinating space distribution (meeting rooms), drawing up the supervisor's work on paper or keeping an archive. In addition, there're specialist Secretary positions with, for example, a legal nature or purely in the service of the management of a company.

What are the Prospects for Secretaries Career?

A Secretary can end up in many types of businesses, resulting in many jobs to be found. It will often be the case that the better jobs require a specialist secretary and involve a slightly different position.

Because there're many jobs in these specializations, it's desirable, and often quite possible, for a Secretary with sufficient experience and / or training to grow to a higher position, for example as an Executive Secretary.

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