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The Secretary of University acts as General Director of a University and supports the Executive Board (Rector Magnificus, Chairman and possibly Vice Chairman) in the performance of its activities. More specifically, he's responsible for policy development and the implementation and evaluation of institutional policy (as formulated by the College), he advises the College, and is in charge of central services under his wing, such as personnel & organization, university fund and communication & marketing (sometimes under one name as 'Bureau University'), he develops plans for these services and shapes HRM policy.

The coordination of the development, implementation and evaluation of institutional policy implies that the Secretary of University is closely involved in all facets of the policy process. He follows relevant developments within and outside the University and translates these into policy, conducts policy-making consultations with various stakeholders, develops policy ideas, participates in administrative consultations, directs his own policy officers in processing information into policy plans and submits these plans to the Board..

The University Secretary also advises the Board and contributes to the decision-making process on policy. The Secretary is therefore not only a manager, but also has an important substantive role.

The position is classified according to weight at three levels, depending on the size of the workforce of the Secretary's service, the budget of the University and the weight of his contribution to strategy and policy development. This can be making a (decisive) contribution to policy proposals or taking full responsibility for them.

What are the Prospects for Secretary of University Career?

The Secretary of University has the highest management position available at Universities, which is why he's sometimes also referred to as general director.

Growth is only possible by switching to Universities with a larger workforce and budget. Positions in this position are very limited and only accessible to people who have years of management experience.

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