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Read here a brief summary about sales-managers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Sales Manager leads a team of salespeople and is also involved in the sale of products and services. Close cooperation with the marketing department is crucial here.

The Sales Manager draws up a sales plan in consultation with his manager and coordinates market research. It's then mapped out which sales results the company wants to achieve. Subsequently, certain goals (targets) are set. Reports can be used to measure whether the objectives have been achieved or whether there have been shortcomings in some areas.

The sales plan determines the common thread of the activities of the Sales Manager. The purpose of the Sales Manager is to meet the sales objectives of a company. Furthermore, the Sales Manager establishes and maintains customer relationships. In addition, the Sales Manager pays attention to trends, developments and opportunities in the market and translates these into ways in which his company can respond to this.

The Sales Manager also consults with middlemen and sales are streamlined as much as possible. Thanks to the sales manager's good commercial qualities, he can spot gaps in the market and respond to the weaknesses of the competition. A sales manager is focused on selling as many products or services as possible in order to increase the profit of the company.

What are the Prospects for Sales Managers Career?

There's a fairly favorable labor market perspective for the Sales Manager. There're always many vacancies to be found. Sales Manager is also a profession with many career opportunities. For example, it's possible to switch to a position as an organization manager, but also to a more administrative position such as Marketing Director. This can be achieved through further training and personal development.

So there're many opportunities for a sales manager because he or she can be active in many different commercial sectors with all kinds of products and services. As a result, the career opportunities aren't limited. For example, it often happens that someone starts as a professional salesperson and, thanks to a good development of management skills, grows up to become an account manager or sales manager.

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