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Read here a brief summary about repro-employees career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Repro Employee is responsible for the copying and printing process within a company. The focus is on printing documents using printing, copying and finishing equipment.

A Repro Employee is involved in printing and finishing assignments that arrive at the company through email. Sometimes the Repro Employee must first make a digital version of an analog document by scanning it. After that, the Repro Employee ensures a good finish of the print work. For example, the Repro Employee cuts the documents to size and binds them by means of a ring binder or glue. Nor does the Repro Employee join documents and perforate and laminate them. The Repro Employee is therefore responsible for high-quality printing.

A Repro Employee also helps customers and employees of the company to operate the printing machines. The Repro Employee may also operate special copying machines that other employees or customers aren't allowed to touch.

In addition, the Repro Employee is responsible for keeping the equipment clean. In addition, the Repro Employee refills the paper and ink on a daily basis. If there're malfunctions on the equipment, the Repro Employee will resolve them.

The Repro Employee keeps the management informed of his activities. Management must know which assignments have been received and whether they're completed properly and on time.

What are the Prospects for Repro Employees Career?

Not every company employs a Repro Employee. That's why there aren't very many vacancies available for a job as Repro Employee.

Whether there're career opportunities often depends on the training of the Repro Employee. For example, if the Repro Employee has a technical diploma, he can often also repair and operate other machines.

He can then, for example, grow more quickly to, for example, a Service Engineer than someone without a technical diploma. Sometimes the company offers courses, so that the Repro Employee deepens and / or broadens his knowledge.

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