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Read here a brief summary about representatives career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Representative works in a company's Sales or Commercial Affairs Department. He represents the company and sells goods or services to customers. The Representative strives for optimal sales figures in the medium term. The sales and profit targets of the company for which the Representative works must be achieved. This is done by, for example, holding sales discussions with potential customers and acquisition. For example, the Representative is responsible for bringing in new customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers. It's also the responsibility of the Representative to maintain sales and customer records.

A Representative provides advice, handles complaints and makes direct sales. For this he's often on the road to visit customers. For the sale, the Representative prepares quotations and creates sales contracts. To find out what the needs of the company's clientele are, a Representative often conducts market research. On the basis of this, in consultation with colleagues, it's determined which products are offered to the customer and how this is approached. This takes into account the competitor's working method.

In addition to visiting customers, a Representative also often gives presentations and demonstrations of the products he sells.

What are the Prospects for Representatives Career?

The labor market for Representatives is quite good. At companies there's often room for a Representative to promote sales. There're therefore many vacancies for this profession. As a Representative, you often also have various training and career opportunities within the company. For example, you can grow to become commercially ultimately responsible.

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