Career Overview For Recruitment Consultant


Read here a brief summary about recruitment-consultants career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As a Recruitment Consultant you're mainly concerned with the acquisition of assignments and the recruitment and selection of personnel.

Bringing in customers is therefore step one in the entire process. You tap into existing networks for this, but you're also always busy making contacts and identifying opportunities in daily life.

In addition to recruiting and selecting clients and expanding the network, an important part of the tasks of the Recruitment Consultant is maintaining existing external contacts. By maintaining contacts, customers are more likely to use your services.

Staff recruitment starts when you bring in a client or when a client submits an application. Based on the requirements and wishes of the searching party, you can see who in your database is most suitable and who you can possibly propose. You make agreements and talk to people to see if they're really suitable. You assess them objectively on their qualities and value for the vacant position and then offer the selection made to the client.

What are the Prospects for Recruitment Consultants Career?

There're quite a few vacancies for the position of Recruitment Consultant. Good employees are sought both at home and abroad to help with recruitment and selection.

Sometimes you will enter a company as a trainee or else as a junior employee. Your career opportunities are the position of Senior Recruitment Consultant, followed by management, regional manager and director if you have sufficient experience. Ultimately you can then choose to expand the agency and hire more staff and process larger or more assignments or start more branches.

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