Career Overview For Recruiter


Read here a brief summary about recruiters career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A recruiter is usually employed by large companies that are specifically looking for people for certain positions. The companies often set high standards for a person and the right person for the profession is difficult to find.

The recruiter is the person in the company who looks for candidates for the company's vacancies. He / she does this, among other things, by making use of databases and social media such as LinkedIn. He / she also does this by setting up campaigns, attending trade fairs, organizing training programs and networking. Another option is to place advertisements, although it depends for each function whether this channel will lead to good results.

In addition to recruiting candidates, the recruiter is often also involved in the selection of candidates. The first interviews are usually done by a recruiter and if suitable, the candidate will only then speak to other people within the company. Guiding this entire process is often also part of the recruiter's duties.

What are the Prospects for Recruiters Career?

The recuiter's job market prospects are average. In a boom period it's not possible and the demand is enormous. In a downturn, the recruitment industry is one of the first to be hit.

The career opportunities for recruiters are limited. You often see that, over time, recruiters make a step to HR positions or - at large companies - to a managerial position in which a group of recruiters is managed.

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