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Read here a brief summary about receptionists career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As a Receptionist you have a diversity of daily activities and you can actually work in almost all branches. Almost every larger office or company dealing with customers or visitors, such as government agencies, has a Receptionist. The Receptionist mans the reception (ie 'reception') and usually also fulfills the function of telephone operator.

When people enter a company, office or hotel, for example, you as a Receptionist are their first point of contact. You receive the visitor, ask about the nature of the visit and then help them further. You may be able to help them yourself, but you may also be able to direct them to the right person or location. Sometimes you will have to make a visitor pass for visitors or new employees, so that they can enter the building.

As mentioned, customers who call often end up with the Receptionist. You answer the phone, put people through and take messages when needed.

A Receptionist is mainly there to provide people with information and acts as a link between the customer and the employees. When people ask for brochures or simple information, make reservations, make appointments and the like, the Receptionist takes care of that himself. But people also come to the reception with complaints, which the Receptionist has to deal with.

Finally, Receptionists have tasks in agenda management, payments, catering of visitors, maintenance of the reception environment and various administrative activities.

In hotels Receptionists have specific tasks such as registering guests and possibly arranging transport etc.

What are the Prospects for Receptionists Career?

Vacancies for the position of Receptionist are not very scarce. However, if you want to work full-time, it may be more difficult to find a suitable offer.

As a Receptionist you often have some light administrative tasks. You could grow in the number and weight of the administrative work. At many companies, the Receptionist is alone and therefore no growth in a ranking is possible. Only at larger hotels and the like can you possibly grow to a higher position and also acquire managerial tasks.

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