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Read here a brief summary about rangers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The work of a Ranger is similar to that of a Ranger, but often consists of more tasks. One of the duties of a Ranger is to enforce the rules in a national park or a nature reserve. For example, he ensures that people do not harm the animals, do not cut down trees and do not make fire. If they do, the Ranger may issue fines.

The Ranger also keeps track of which plant and animal species occur in 'his' area and he also notes the number. He ensures that the flora and fauna are in balance. For example, if there are too many trees, the Ranger will indicate that something needs to be cut down.

The Ranger monitors the safety and health of the animals and plants, but also that of the visitors to the park or reserve. Often the Ranger gives guided tours, informs visitors and answers questions. Sometimes the Ranger also gives lectures or teaches at (primary) schools. The Ranger also knows exactly how to protect visitors against possible attacks from wild animals.

What are the Prospects for Rangers Career?

In Africa, for example, the opportunities are greater. You must then follow a course there.

A Ranger can do various training and courses, so that he can take on more and more responsibilities. If he was only concerned with nature conservation at first, he can also give guided tours after training. After some time experience, the Ranger can also manage other Rangers and give training.

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