Career Overview For Quality Coordinator


Read here a brief summary about quality-coordinators career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Quality Coordinator ensures cooperation (coordination) between people and systems to optimize the quality (quality) of a process, end product, service or organization. Speciallythe prevention of (human) errors by applying a different system (of working) plays a role in this.

A Quality Coordinator is responsible for implementing a (product) quality system. The Quality Coordinator organizes, maintains and supervises the correct use and compliance of the entire quality system. This includes independently carrying out and monitoring product quality checks, registering and analyzing quality indicators and control figures, and making proposals for improvement and handling questions.

In addition, a Quality Coordinator is engaged in training, instructing and where necessary correcting employees in order to guarantee the quality of production processes and end products. The Quality Coordinator carries out inspections for this, sometimes both internally and externally. The Quality Coordinator analyzes complaints, proactively advises involved departments and draws up a weekly report and reports this to the board or management. Finally, the Quality Coordinator is responsible for correct information provision, keeping manuals, instructions and distributing information up-to-date.

What are the Prospects for Quality Coordinators Career?

The labor market prospects for the Quality Coordinator are good, there're many vacancies. Before some years, quality management is popular, every major enterprise is involved in quality management. So with sufficient experience it's quite possible to get a job as a Quality Coordinator, although one will generally first have to prove oneself to be able to get a permanent or higher position.

The career opportunities for the Quality Coordinator are good. Once a permanent employee is employed, it's quite possible to progress to higher management positions or to transfer to a larger company. One could also choose to become a quality consultant and thus start working as an independent entrepreneur.

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