Career Overview For Quality Controller


Read here a brief summary about quality-controllers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Quality Controller monitors the quality of certain products and ensures that a raw material, semi-finished or end product meets the legal and procedural requirements. For example, the Quality Controller's checks prevent dangerous products from ending up in shops.

In order to be able to do his work thoroughly, the Quality Controller operates within a framework of strict procedures. For example, it has been determined exactly when a sample must be carried out - before, during and after the production process - and the Quality Controller is responsible for issuing advice based on the sample results. In case of deviations and irregularities, this advice can vary from stopping production to more practical modifying machines or uncovering bottlenecks.

The precise range of duties of the Quality Controller differs per sector, as do the measuring instruments with which he works. At the lowest level, a Quality Controller can only measure and monitor the size of a product. At the highest level, the quality of products is looked at at the molecular level. Usually the Quality Controller works alone and is also responsible for the measuring instruments and the execution of the tests, whereby the production employees must be disturbed as little as possible.

The position of Quality Controller is largely supportive and advisory and the advice he gives doesn't have to be followed.

What are the Prospects for Quality Controllers Career?

These jobs are mainly available through employment agencies, but sometimes also full-time. At a higher level, Quality Inspectors are less likely to find work, but it's possible. Quality controllers at a higher level have more career opportunities and can become analysts or Head of Control, for example.

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