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Read here a brief summary about pursers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As a Purser you spend a lot of time in the air on board passenger planes. Before the flight starts, the Purser checks whether the aircraft is clean on the inside and whether there's enough food on board. But the Purser will also roll up its sleeves when serving food and drink.

As it ascends and descends, the Purser's job is to make sure everyone is seated safely, with seats upright and belts on. During the flight, the Purser is also responsible for the safety of the passengers and crew. You're also the one who decides what the crew and passengers should do in the event of an emergency. You therefore bear a considerable responsibility.

The Purser is actually the head of the 'cabin crew' and thus manages flight attendants. For example, he's the one who gives the welcome speech and conveys the safety instructions through the microphone to the passengers, while flight attendants designate emergency exits and demonstrate the use of life jackets.

In the air, he not only leads the team, but also contributes to the execution of the work. In very large aircraft there're often two Pursers on board, one of which then only has coordinating activities and the other directs Purser and cabin crew, and the second Purser steers a little, but mainly has executive tasks.

The Purser also keeps track of passenger data on the on-board computer.

What are the Prospects for Pursers Career?

Jobs in the travel industry are in demand, and perhaps most work is on board an airplane. It's therefore not easy to get a job here. Growing into this position seems like a good option because vacancies for Purser are scarce.

You may start as a cabin crew member and progress to the position of Purser. After that you can still grow to become a cabin crew manager, but that's the highest possible within the aircraft. Beyond that, there may be a task within management for you.

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