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Read here a brief summary about psychologists career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Psychologist provides advice, guidance and therapy to people in need of mental or emotional support. A Psychologist studies the behavior of people and searches for the underlying thoughts and emotions. A psychologist works with clients who are struggling with problems such as poor concentration, trauma, depression, anxiety, parenting problems, relationship problems or disorders such as anorexia, schizophrenia or a contact or attachment disorder. We look at the perception of events, the memories and feelings involved, and possible solutions.

The emotions and wishes of the client must always be taken into account. A treatment plan must therefore match the (emotional) possibilities of the client and his request for help.

A Psychologist can also give advice to companies about policy or recruitment of new members, to people who want advice about education or other matters. As a Psychologist you must be able to make connections between thoughts, feelings and behavior of the client and you must be able to understand a client even if he's unable to express himself clearly. It's important to listen carefully to the client and it's the Psychologist's job to help process experiences.

A Psychologist can work in a wide range of professional sectors: health care, government, education, consultancies, companies or scientific research.

In healthcare, a diagnosis is made on the basis of conversations and tests, for which a treatment plan is then drawn up. We often work together in a team of care providers such as doctors, therapists and social workers. In this case, mutual consultation must be held about the clients. For this it's important that a file is kept on all clients, including reports of sessions. This is also important for an independent practice.

What are the Prospects for Psychologists Career?

Job prospects are reasonable. Two thirds of Psychologists find a job within a year. Psychologists can go to many places and there are also opportunities to work outside the field, as a generalist with a university level of work and thinking.

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