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Read here a brief summary about psychiatric-nurses career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Psychiatric Nurse helps patients with psychological problems to become independent again (as much as possible) and to learn to deal with their problems better. A Psychiatric Nurse encounters patients with all kinds of problems, such as confusion, anxiety, depression, social problems and patients who are self-destructive or self-mutilating. They may also be physically ill due to this mental situation, for example due to neglect (bad food, drug use). The nurse provides additional care. This means that he helps the patient with his physical care as long as necessary and at the same time stimulates independence.

It's important that a Nurse can empathize with the patient's situation and that care is tailored to the patient's needs. Not all patients themselves know what is best for them, specially when they're confused or depressed, and aren't able to identify what they need. That's why the Nurse must be able to observe well to find out what is needed.

Other tasks of a Psychiatric Nurse are to keep an eye on the use of medication and to keep an eye on the health situation of the patients. In addition, the Nurse must build up a relationship of trust with the patients in order to create a safe atmosphere for them and to gain and maintain insight into the mental state of the patients. This information is very important for putting together a treatment plan.

It's important that the Nurse is stress resistant as a Psychiatric Nurse may have to deal with patients who are aggressive or who want to hurt themselves.

In addition to the caring duties, a Nurse must also keep track of administrative matters and maintain contacts with doctors and professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists. The treatment plan and treatment goals are also put together with them. The Nurse is also a point of contact for family members.

After his training, a Nurse can work in various sectors of this industry. About nine percent of graduates go to work in a hospital (Source: career tiger )

A Nurse may have irregular working hours and must work both evening and weekend shifts.

What are the Prospects for Psychiatric Nurses Career?

The labor market for Psychiatric Nurses is currently favorable. There're plenty of jobs to be found.

You could also teach or follow additional training so that you can take up a management position. In addition, you could become a head nurse in a particular department of the hospital.

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