Career Overview For Project Support Employee


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A Project Support Employee is someone who provides administrative support to the Project Managers of certain projects.

The Project Support Officer supports the Project Managers in writing project plans and reports and applying for grants. The Project Support Employee, together with the Project Managers, also keeps an eye on the progress and implementation of the projects. The Project Support Employee knows exactly what phase the projects are in and what still needs to be arranged. Colleagues with questions about project administration can contact the Project Support Officer.

It's important that a Project Support Employee is engaged and accurate. He must be aware of the status of the projects and properly support the Project Manager. The Project Support Employee must also function well both independently and in a team.

What are the Prospects for Project Support Employees Career?

The labor market prospects for a Project Support Employee are good. There's work in many different sectors and at many different companies (in both the profit and non-profit sector).

With good work and a number of years of experience, the Project Support Employee may become a Project Manager. He then knows all the ins and outs, and after a good course, the Project Support Employee can become Project Manager. He then gets a lot of responsibilities and has to manage people.

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