Career Overview For Project Controller


Read here a brief summary about project-controllers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Project Controller supports the project manager in the management of projects. For small assignments, the project manager undertakes all management tasks, but when a project is large enough, these tasks can no longer be overseen by one person. Then a Project Controller comes in.

The tasks of the Project Controller include monitoring the budget and planning, compiling reports, accounting, and risk management.

The activities of a Project Controller are therefore mainly administrative (-financial). The Project Controller uses the administration to estimate future situations and problems.

The Project Controller works together with the project leader to jointly find solutions and support the project leader. Management of time and money is the main thing that the Project Controller advises on.

What are the Prospects for Project Controllers Career?

While Project Controllers aren't included in small projects, the job market is quite favorable, specially for Project Controllers with experience.

As a Project Controller one can grow further to become a project leader or manager.

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