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Read here a brief summary about production-planners career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Production Planner works in the production department of a company and ensures that people and resources are used in the production process as efficiently as possible.

The Production Planner draws up a schedule that employees must adhere to. In order to realize an optimal production plan, the Production Planner makes calculations of the number of people and machines to be deployed. He also takes into account available capacity, accessories, raw materials and dyes. The Production Planner often works in consultation with the various departments within the company. Based on the planning, the Production Planner makes an estimate of the required materials or raw materials for production. De submits this to the purchasing department, so that it can purchase the correct amount of materials and raw materials.

A budget is drawn up for the production plan in advance. It's the job of the Production Planner to monitor the planning. If for whatever reason there's a need to deviate from the production plan, the Production Planner must inform other departments about this. For example, the sales department can expect lower production. All in all, a Production Planner needs to take many different things into account. To make his work easier, a Production Planner uses a computer system, which calculates which production orders and purchase orders can be expected.

What are the Prospects for Production Planners Career?

The labor market outlook for Production Planners is average. The number of vacancies is reasonable, but the supply of employees is also large. Certainly because people can get started with different background courses and competition is therefore fierce.

As a Production Planner it's possible to continue to grow within the company where one works to, for example, head of the production department or manager.

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