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Read here a brief summary about pr-advisors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A PR advisor advises companies and individuals on how best to deal with Public Relations (PR). Public Relations stands for the promotion of communication between an organization (or person) and the public groups with which the organization deals. The purpose of PR is to create and maintain a good image.

It's the job of the PR advisor to ensure that a company or person has the right PR. The activities of the PR advisor are very diverse. Common activities for a PR consultant are: drafting press releases, writing for newspapers and websites, setting up communication plans, managing the PR budget, maintaining press contact and analyzing the news. In addition to these occurring activities, a PR advisor can also have a strategic function. If, for example, an organization is badly in the news, a PR advisor can determine the communication strategy to be followed for the company.

A PR advisor must have a good understanding of the environment, know what is going on in the world and have good communication skills. A PR consultant usually works at a PR or communications consultancy and is hired by various types of organizations to advise on PR.

Large organizations where the image is of great importance (banks, energy companies, the government) themselves employ permanent PR staff.

What are the Prospects for PR Advisors Career?

PR is timeless. There will therefore always be a need for people who can steer the PR in the right direction. When the economy is slowing down, the PR budget is often what the organization will cut into. This, of course, affects the employment of PR advisors. But in general, the work and employment prospects of a PR consultant can be called good.

If he performs well, a PR advisor can move on to a more strategic position as a PR advisor or be promoted to a PR or communications manager.

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