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Read here a brief summary about politicians career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Politician is someone who holds an office or function in politics. This mainly concerns the positions in the government where the person can make and / or influence decisions. Politicians can work at different levels of government. For example, they can be members of the European Parliament, national parliaments and provincial councils, but municipal councilors also have a political position. Depending on the fulfillment of the position, a Politician works in general management (policy-related tasks) or in day-to-day management (executive tasks). However, there's often overlap in both forms of governance.

The highest political office in some countries is that of Prime Minister. He heads the national government. Other political positions include minister, senator, mayor and state secretary. In some countries you'll see that most politicians have to be elected to perform their office. They're often members of a political party that pursues a certain ideology and wants to implement certain policies.

The focus is on pursuing and propagating positions and objectives that should benefit society as a whole (albeit at different levels). As a politician you're close to society and you therefore have an above-average interest in public affairs. Besides a broad interest and a clear identity, a Politician has the ambition to find answers to social issues and to resolve them.

What are the Prospects for Politicians Career?

There's plenty of work to be found as a Politician. Partly due to the broad understanding, there's a wide range of activities within politics.

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