Career Overview For Policy Advisor


Read here a brief summary about policy-advisors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Policy Advisor is the specialist in the field of policy making. Based on research data, experiences and with the help of experts and specialists, the Policy Advisor sets out a policy for the organization. Most (large) companies and government institutions such as municipalities and ministries employ Policy Advisers.

The Policy Advisor is largely or entirely responsible for the policy in his field. This can be policy in the field of personnel, communication, organization or, for example, asylum. The Policy Advisor contributes to solutions for the organization or for society. The Policy Advisor must develop a policy that will be supported by the entire organization or society. The Policy Advisor writes various plans and advises the board, the alderman or the minister on policy. The Policy Advisor also ensures that the policy is implemented, evaluated and adjusted where necessary.

The Policy Advisor often works together with other Policy Advisers and policy staff. Networking is very important for this function. The Policy Advisor must be and remain informed of developments in his area of ​​activity, is advised by experts and maintains contact with various organizations and with employees within the organization. The Policy Advisor must therefore have good communication skills.

What are the Prospects for Policy Advisors Career?

Many (large) companies and government institutions employ Policy Advisor. There's therefore sufficient demand for Policy Advisers.

The Policy Advisor often starts as a policy advisor and then grows up to upper roles.

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