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Read here a brief summary about planners career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A planner creates and manages the daily and personnel schedules within an organization. The activities of a planner can consist of classifying the employees, keeping track of the holiday hours and days off, but also dealing with the employees' complaints about the planning is often a task for the planner.

Planners are employed in many organizations where large teams of employees are employed. This includes construction, large machine factories and transport companies. The planner is responsible for the layout of the employees on the work floor and must strive to obtain optimal assets at all times.

The work of a planner therefore consists of a lot of puzzling to get the staffing round as well as possible.

In addition to these internal activities, a planner can also have contact with external parties. For example, if a planner at a transport company has to record the routes, the planner has contact with the customers of the company and it's the job of the planner to enter the orders in the system. A planner must be able to keep an overview and work structurally.

What are the Prospects for Planners Career?

The work perspective of a planner is good. Many organizations use work and staff planners. There're therefore many vacancies in which people are looking for a planner. When functioning well, a planner can progress to head of planning.

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