Career Overview For Pharmacy Assistant


Read here a brief summary about pharmacy-assistants career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Pharmacy Assistant is supervised by a pharmacist or general practitioner. He supports his employer in the pharmacy; helps at the counter, handles prescriptions and thus the distribution of medicines and advises clients. He also provides oral or written explanations about medicines, such as their effect, side effects, instructions for use and storage methods. A Pharmacy Assistant responds to questions from clients and must be able to give a clear answer. It also helps with the administration of, for example, recipes and stocks. If the medicines are made in the pharmacy, the Pharmacy Assistant may make a contribution to this, on the instructions of the pharmacist.

A Pharmacy Assistant works together with the pharmacist and the other assistants. The work environment can include a community pharmacy, a hospital pharmacy or a health center.

A Pharmacy Assistant can work evening and weekend shifts.

What are the Prospects for Pharmacy Assistants Career?

According to a previous study of the labor market for Pharmacy assistants by the research center for Education and the Labor Market, employment for Pharmacy assistants is increasing by 5% annually. Moreover, there's already a great shortage of Pharmacy Assistants. So there's a good labor market perspective.

There's the possibility to have additional training in the evenings and to follow further training for a broader career perspective.

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