Career Overview For Personnel Officer


Read here a brief summary about personnel-officers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Personnel Officer advises and supports management and / or the board in the field of Human Resources. This concerns issues such as employment conditions, laws and regulations.

The Personnel Officer is the point of contact for questions and issues in the area of ​​HR for part of the organization. Concrete proposals for improvement and change are designed and initiated.

In addition, they provide support during performance and appraisal interviews. There's also a mediating role in conflict situations between Managerand Employee. As a Personnel Officer, you're responsible for sickness absence guidance and cooperation with, for example, the Health and Safety Service and HR employees to prevent sickness absence. It also has an advisory task on legal matters, including dismissal matters. In short, it's a versatile P & 0 function.

It's very useful for a Personnel Officer and often required to understand the specific professional knowledge and content. Many professional training courses for Personnel Officer are a combination of theoretical background and practical knowledge and skills.

What are the Prospects for Personnel Officers Career?

A Personnel Officer has good employment prospects. If one wants to continue to grow, the master's degree can be obtained in one year through the bachelor-master structure. In the longer term, this gives the Personnel Officer a better chance of, for example, a managerial position.

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