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Read here a brief summary about personnel-and-organization-advisors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As a Personnel and Organization Advisor you're mainly concerned with advising and supporting the board, management but sometimes also the personnel employees of a company organization. As a Personnel and Organization Advisor you mainly have a supportive and advisory function. Your main tasks are mainly gathering information and negotiating about the terms of employment with the staff. Another major task that you have as a Personnel and Organization Advisor is drafting the personnel policy.

Sometimes it may also be necessary to mediate in conflicts between managers and employees and to provide solutions for those problems. In addition to administrative tasks, you also play a role in the personal contacts between employees and managers.

What you should take into account is that your duties as a Personnel and Organization Advisor depend on the size of the organization for which you work. It may be that you work in a team in large organizations and that you divide the tasks among yourself. You often have to deal with different specializations in certain areas and you're often specialized in a certain part so that you have a fixed task. In smaller organizations it will sooner occur that you have to perform all tasks and are deployed widely.

Actually, as a Personnel and Organization Advisor you're also a kind of policy officer in the field of personnel and organization. As a P&O Consultant, you must ensure that the objectives set by the organization are translated into concrete plans for the staff and the organization.

What are the Prospects for Personnel and Organization Advisors Career?

The labor market perspective of a P&O Advisor is generally average. However, there's little that can be said with certainty because it always depends on the economic situation. If business goes well (indirectly, the economy often goes well too), there will be more demand for P&O Advisors. Companies will then hire more employees and therefore more advisers will also be needed to properly coordinate the policy on employees. On the other hand, if the business community is doing poorly, more people will be fired (although this also requires coordination by a P&O Advisor), there will generally be slightly less demand for a P&O Advisor, unless large-scale layoffs require a lot of coordination and asks for advice and therefore more Advisers have to be engaged.

The career opportunities as a P&O Advisor are quite broad. You can grow into Personnel and Organization Manager, but also as Advisor or Senior P&O Advisor.

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