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Read here a brief summary about pediatricians career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Pediatrician is an artis who deals exclusively with the health of children and young people, possibly placed in a care institution. To this end, he performs a physical examination and information is obtained from those involved and / or those close to them. A medical history is also taken, which looks at the development of the health of the child over the years.

After all, previous problems with the health of the child may be relevant for determining current problems. The pediatrician determines whether and to what extent this is the case and reports this to those involved, such as the parents and specialists. He also examines which treatment is most suitable for the young person, such as speech therapy or physiotherapy. A Pediatrician does not perform surgery. Prescribing any medication is one of the duties of the Pediatrician, who will contact the child 's doctor for this. Not only to gather or inform information, but because this GP will (partly) monitor the effect of the medicines.

A pediatrician keeps an eye on the health of the child during and after treatment and provides information about the health to parents, practitioner and other experts. A Pediatrician keeps everything that has been used for research and records all actions, tests, etc. related to examination and treatment in a report. A file is made of this.

A Pediatrician can also play a role in deciding whether to transfer or discharge children from institutions. He contributes to policy making with regard to assistance within his organization. Finally, he can play an informative role and contribute to the prevention of accidents and ailments.

What are the Prospects for Pediatricians Career?

For a Pediatrician there are opportunities for advancement to positions in management or research. There're many vacancies for the position of Pediatrician.

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